Bringing ceramic science to life for a better future.

Innovative ceramic solutions to address needs in healthcare and energy transition applications

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Providing better understanding and delivering meaningful results with ceramic based solutions.

We work at identifying advanced ceramic science based technologies that can solve real world problems in advancing global healthcare to all and supporting the energy transition with process electrification.

Collaborative Approach

Our global team of technical partners and entrepreneurs backed with decades of experience defines our collaborative approach to solving meaningful problems for our customers.

What We Do

We provide our clients access to a global network of ceramic expertize in both industry and academia to bring you the most innovative solutions. We provide our clients with the following services:

  • Ceramic technology and market consulting services to help better understand areas where ceramic technology will play future role in healthcare and energy
  • Consulting services for new ceramic material formulation and advanced processing techniques
  • Ceramic product development from ideation and prototyping all the way through process scale-up to commercial manufacture supporting both in-house production or through our network work with existing producers

Active Focus Areas

Actively seeking collaboration partners and clients with interests in the following areas to advance healthcare and energy transition needs.

Solid State Battery Packaging

Next generation solid state batteries will require very different cell packaging solutions. Our ceramic solution offers an integrated heat source along with structural properties to enable solid state based pouch cell geometries.

Process Electrification

The continued rise of low cost renewable electricity and the need to decarbonize existing industrial processes is an opportunity for ceramic based materials to replace existing materials and methods leveraging unique thermal, chemical and electrical properties.

Global Healthcare Transition

Ceramic technology has brought life enhancing results to many individuals in the developed World but need exists to translate these into affordable solutions for developing countries. Advanced ceramic material solutions and low cost processing in these Developing countries will benefit these societies.

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